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Cryotherapy is the use of cold for therapy and recovery. Cold therapy can be used for one localized body part or it can be the whole body. Different types of cryotherapy include ice packs, coolant sprays, ice massages, and ice baths. Cryotherapy is prescribed for many different things. It can assist in pain therapy and numbs nerve sensitivity, and it can reduce arthritic pains and assist in regulating mood. Cryotherapy can also be used to recover after high-intensity workouts and help recover from soreness. For any cold therapy needs, visit Superior Performance Center.

What is Game Ready?

Game Ready is another innovative recovery tool used by athletes at Superior Performance Center. Game Ready uses compression technologies combined with cooling to assist in the recovery process for athletes. This Game Ready equipment can be used during training to recovery after high-intensity workouts, or it can be used as a modality in injury or post-surgical recovery. Fulfill your training and rehabilitation needs at Superior Performance Center using the Game Ready recovery technologies.

What is an Ice Bath?

An ice bath is exactly how it sounds—a bath with ice. Superior Performance Center has ice bath tubs for recovery after workouts. Ice bath provides complete submersion of muscle tissues into the cold versus ice packs that are very localized in treatment. Ice baths can also be used for constricting blood vessels after acute injury to decrease swelling. For a positive ice bath experience, please visit Superior Performance Center.

What is an Ice Cup Massage?

An ice cup massage provides the tissues with the numbing properties of the ice to reduce pain and inflammation, and the gentle massage provides the mobilization of the soft tissue like a regular massage. This is a beneficial therapy combination that assists in conditions such as plantar fasciitis and patellar tendonitis.


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