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Hydrotherapy is also known as water therapy. Superior Performance Center utilizes hydrotherapy for the treatment of pain conditions such as arthritis, as well as for rehabilitation and recovery exercises for injuries. Hydrotherapy can also help maintain strength and muscle bulk. Hydrotherapy also includes other various treatments such as soaking in a hot tub or spa, steam baths, foot baths, and hot/cold showers. Water therapy is also proven to help in a wide range of conditions such as high blood pressure, anxiety, aching joints, and sore muscles. For an alternative method of therapy that can treat a variety of conditions, visit Superior Performance Center and our clinicians can use hydrotherapy to help treat your pain or injury.

Superior Performance Center Hydrotherapy Equipment


The HydroWorx pool at Superior Performance Center provides the necessary equipment needed to perform aquatic therapy. Aquatic therapy is focused on getting people in water and taking gravity away from them. Aquatic therapy can be used to recover from foot, ankle, knee, hip, back, and even shoulder injuries. The water allows athletes to move without pain. Clinicians will use aquatic therapy to prevent athletes from losing muscle and maintaining strength and endurance during recovery from injury. Athletes who are using aquatic therapy for recovery can walk at .5 mph. Athletes who are training for a marathon can run at 10 mph, and they don’t have a lot of stress on their joints while doing it. Aquatic therapy has also been proven to be beneficial for lowering high blood pressure and anxiety. Whether, healthy or injured, HydroWorx has been proven to be beneficial for everyone.



Game Ready

Game Ready is another innovative recovery tool used by athletes at Superior Performance Center. Game Ready uses compression technologies combined with cooling to assist in the recovery process for athletes. This Game Ready equipment can be used during training to recovery after high intensity workouts, or it can be used as a modality in injury or post-surgical recovery. Fulfill your training and rehabilitation needs at Superior Performance Center using the Game Ready recovery technologies.



Steamist Shower

Superior Performance Center provides a spa-like experience with access to the Steamist shower. For relaxation and restorative therapy for the skin, mind, and body, this shower is the perfect choice. Enjoy a steam-filled shower that has four full-body features included.
Aromasense. Add aromatherapy to your shower, andexperience the therapeutic powers on body, spirit, and soothing respiration to spark creativity.
Chromasense. Add one of the six different lighting effects to your steam shower and bring about positive physical and psychological changes. 
Audiosense. Enjoy your favorite music or play a relaxing station from your favorite music streaming service. Involve your sense of hearing during this feature filled shower experience.
Showersense. This feature gives you total touchscreen control of the amount of steam, water temperature and water pressure to optimize total comfort.




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