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Athletic Trainers


Athletic trainers are  healthcare professionals that specialize in 5 domains: injury prevention, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, rehabilitation, and professional health. At Superior Performance Center, the athletic trainers work in the clinic assisting with evaluation and diagnosis and providing therapeutic interventions and rehabilitation for any patients that would benefit from additional therapy. Athletic trainers are also utilized for medical coverage at athletic events. They are trained to manage emergency medical situations; and they are also qualified to evaluate and diagnose injuries on the sidelines and make return-to-play decisions for athletes. Athletic trainers are an asset to any medical & athletic team. If you are looking for athletic training coverage with your team, contact Superior Performance Center!



What is Injury Prevention?

There are many programs that are designed and implemented to help prevent injuries in certain sports. Athletic trainers can design and implement a program for your sports team to assist in preventing injuries.
Some examples:

  • Baseball & Softball- strengthen rotator cuff muscles to prevent shoulder injury
  • Swimmers- Stretch anterior musculature and strengthen posterior musculature to prevent rounded shoulder posture and impingement
  • Soccer- ACL injury prevention
  • Basketball- Ankle sprain injury prevention

This domain also entails the many taping and wrapping techniques that allow athlete participation while protecting or preventing future injury.





What is Emergency Care?

Athletic trainers are required to maintain a CPR/AED certification to manage cardiac and choking events. Athletic trainers are also trained to write emergency action plans for facilities. These plans prepare for the activation of emergency medical services and proper communication with the first responders upon arrival. Athletic trainers are also trained in equipment removal for sports such as football, lacrosse, and hockey and the proper management of suspected spinal injury in these events.


What is Clinical Diagnosis?

Clinical diagnosis encompasses all the injury and medical condition diagnoses that might be asked of an athletic trainer by an athlete. Athletic trainers are extensively trained in injury evaluation using the proper range of motion and special testing for each joint and anatomical structure. Athletic trainers can also recognize certain skin conditions and internal medical conditions that might need referral. One of the most valuable assets of the athletic trainer is the on-the-field and on-the-sideline clinical evaluations skills that are necessary to ensure safety of athletes during sport competition participation.


What is Rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation includes a large field of skills. Athletic trainers have the capability to treat an injury from its acute occurrence all the way until the athlete is fully ready to return to participation. The acute treatment of an injury includes splinting, bracing, wrapping, ice, medications, and amounts of rest. The progression back to health includes massage, modalities, muscle reactivation, balance, stretching, strengthening, and many other skills.


What is Professional Health?

Professional health is the responsibilities of the athletic trainer to stay up-to-date on the proper federal and state regulations, administrative tasks, and facility management. Ensuring proper medical documentation and storage is one of the essential responsibilities of an athletic trainer to stay within legal limits. Athletic trainers also need to manage inventory and confirm that they have all the necessary supplies to perform their daily tasks. It also the responsibility of the athletic trainer to write and implement policies to protect athletes, coaches, and fans from a variety of different environmental situation, and to ensure an open flow of communication prior to an intense event.


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