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Superior Performance Center

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Pain Management, and Sports Medicine Clinic located in St. Paul, MN

Has a recent injury, major surgery, or a chronic condition limited your daily activities with pain that’s just not going away? Seek treatment from the team at the Superior Performance Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Dr. Serge PierreCharles -- a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist & Pain and Sports Medicine Doctor located in Minneapolis, MN -- and his team help you recover, heal, and get back to the things you enjoy. During your visit, they design a personalized rehabilitation plan based on your medical history to help strengthen your body, reduce physical pain, and prevent further injury. Call or click to schedule an appointment today.

Rehabilitation Q & A

What is rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is the process of regaining your strength and confidence after a major injury, surgery, or illness. It doesn’t reverse or undo the damage caused by trauma or disease but helps you learn to do things in a new way. Rehabilitation can involve:

  • Physical therapy: works on strengthening muscles and joints, and increasing mobility
  • Occupational therapy: addresses the issues related to activities of daily living
  • Pain therapy: focuses on reducing chronic pain
  • Speech therapy: improving speech and comprehension of communication

What are the different methods used for rehabilitation?

Dr. Pierrecharles and his team use different methods customized to each patient’s medical history and identified goals.

Superior Performance Center has AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmills™. This is the ultimate injury recovery tool. Adjust body weight from 100% to 20% in as little as 1% increments. This allows athletes to begin rehab sooner and increase work-load with a lower risk of injury. The integrated technology provides feedback to the athlete about weight bearing symmetry, step length symmetry, and stance time symmetry. The athlete can also record any of their pain throughout the session. Anterior view live video monitoring system allows athletes to see their gait and make improvements in real time. This equipment provides the rehabilitation specialists at Superior Performance Center with updated technology to provide the highest level of care.


Joint Injections

Joint injections of local anesthetics or corticosteroids are often given in joints and soft tissue. They temporarily relieve pain and inflammation in the joints and facilitate pain-free movements. Relief from a single injection can last anywhere from a week to a few months.

Pool Therapy

Pool therapy is rehabilitation in an aquatic environment. It’s most useful for babies and senior citizens. Pool therapy is especially helpful for musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, cardiac, and lung conditions.

High-performance training

An athlete uses high-performance training to condition themselves to their full potential under the supervision of a sports medicine specialist.

At the Superior Performance Center, the training sessions are aimed at improving muscle power, flexibility, and range of movements.

Strength training

The time athletes spend in rehabilitation often takes them away from training, sports, and the team. Strength training is included in rehabilitation programs for athletes when they’re recovering from an injury.

As rehabilitation progresses and you’ve gained pain-free movements, the team at the Superior Performance Center introduces the sport and performance-based movement so that you can gradually start performing at pre-injury levels.

Weight loss

Weight loss is beneficial in several ways. It improves cholesterol levels and decreases blood pressure in patients with cardiac disease. In diabetic patients, it gets blood sugar levels under control, and it also takes pressure off your joints to decrease pain.

The team at Superior Performance Center integrates principles of nutrition, exercise, and psychology to change the long-term behavior of the patients so that healthy weight is maintained.